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Mobile Clinic Information & Pricing

The Spay-Neuter-Now Mobile Clinic is a subsidized-cost mobile clinic performing high quality, high volume spay/neuter operated by licensed veterinary professionals and volunteers.  Clinics run year-round based on our veterinarian availability.  Clinics operate primarily in St. Lawrence, Jefferson & Lewis Counties in Northern New York.  Clients from outside our immediate operational area are welcome to apply.


The typical clinic day starts with 7am-9am drop-off and pickup by 5pm that afternoon.  We will review our pre-surgical instructions as part of the scheduling process.  This is not a full-service veterinary clinic.

We specialize in spaying and neutering!

Inside the Commuter:

Prep Area (left)

Surgery Area (below)

Spay/Neuter Flat-Fee Surgery Packages Include:

Pre-Surgical Physical & Pain Management

Spay/Neuter Anesthesia & Surgery

Rabies & Distemper (FVRCP/DA2PP) Vaccinations

Flea Treatment & Check/Treatment for Ear Mites


Cat Surgery Package:

Male & Female Cats $70.00 per Cat


Dog Surgery Package:

Male & Female Dogs Under 25# $100.00 per Dog

Male & Female Dogs 26#-50# $120.00 per Dog

Male & Female Dogs 51#-75# $140.00 per Dog

Male & Female Dogs Over 75# $160.00 per Dog

Nail Trims (Optional) $5.00


Program fees do not reflect the actual cost of the surgery, services, supplies or treatments provided by SNN.

The market price of the Spay/Neuter Surgery Package is $150.00-$500.00.

Due to mobile clinic space limitations, larger breed dogs may need to go through SNN partner programs for surgery.

Spay-Neuter-Now will contact you once your application has been received.


If you would like to apply please use this form.



"The Neuter Commuter II"

SNN's approximate coverage of Northern New York

Spay-Neuter-Now Administrative Office ~ 47 Duck Cove Road, Hammond, NY 13646 ~ 315.324.5969 ~

Mobile Clinic Office ~ PO Box 802, Canton, NY 13617 ~ 315.486.0094 or  315.489.0541 ~

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